Rick Owens launches Geobasket baby sneakers for fall / winter 2021


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Rick Owens launched the baby and kid version of his beloved Geobasket for his fall / winter 2021 collection.

He took to Instagram to share a video of a baby wearing the shoes, with the baby dancing and stomping to an EDM beat. The clip first appears in black and white before turning purple.

“Nicaea in Babygeos, available online now,” Owens writes.

The same video can be seen on the homepage of the designer’s website. The price of the infant versions of the shoes ranges from $ 445 to $ 515, while the adult versions currently on Owen’s site cost between $ 1,170 and $ 3,230.

Owens has collaborated with a number of top brands this year. In March, he launched a new shoe with Dr. Martens for his own version of the 1460 Bex platform boot.

Owens then announced a new Spring / Summer 2021 capsule with Champion, coming on the heels of his collaboration with Dr. Martens. The Champion collection included a number of monochrome sportswear such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, mesh shorts, t-shirts and lightweight outerwear, as well as accessories such as caps. , bobs, tote bags, handbags and face covers. Owens and Champion launched their first capsule during Paris Fashion Week in June 2019.

Owens also worked with Converse on a few new shoes, including the Converse Weapon basketball shoe which was originally created in 1986.

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