She plays with fire and juggles with bottles


Not only mixing drinks to satisfy your taste buds, Ami Shroff has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to visually IMPRINT you.

The art of juggling between objects and gravity is what sparked Ami Shroff’s interest in bartending flair. During her undergraduate years, she first developed a fondness for the performing arts with objects through Karate Nunchaku (sticks) and later, during her graduation years, as she was working as a hostess at an event to earn extra pocket money, she met a bartender who had flair. bartender whom Shroff found fascinating. “I asked him if I could help him behind the bar and showed him the movements I had remembered in a movie where Tom Cruise had indulged in the act. It was 2003, when there were only a few female bartenders, but none of them liked bartending flair, ”Shroff shares.

She began her journey assisting flair bartenders, which paved the way for her to become the country’s first female flair bartender. So far, Shroff has performed in more than 20 destinations around the world.

But in the early 2000s, it wasn’t easy for Shroff to break into and succeed in a field dominated by men. But with supporting relatives and friends, she has proven that a profession has no sex. “In 2009, there were a handful of women frequenting bars and my parents were still concerned about my safety. I initially hid the fact that I was working behind the bar, but once they saw me live they supported me because they realized that I was good at what I did, ”she said, adding,“ But my dad would keep a check on who I worked for and sometimes check my background to make sure I was safe. He played a major role in looking after me and making me feel comfortable to start my journey.

Shroff thinks one should have the freedom to experiment in life. “It can either become a career or become a fun learning experience. Freedom opens up opportunities for individuals, ”she says.

Drawing inspiration from nature, music and the arts, Shroff focuses on trying new things and challenges himself to instill them in his profession. Admiring Nicholas St John and Alexander Stefano, she says, “Watching John and Stefano’s flare style create new things every other day as well as other flair bartenders is what ignites my creativity. “

Speaking about what she loves most about her job, Shroff says, “Being in control behind the bar and my space where I’m the person in charge. This barrier is the reason the bar is known. It’s a barrier between me and others. She also emphasizes other things like meeting people, playing with ingredients and flavors, experimenting, creativity, performance.

Attention is what Shroff values ​​most about being a fair trade bartender, mixologist, and entertainer. “When I visit new places as a freelance writer the bar is different every time and that’s one of the most exciting things about it,” she adds.


Shroff lists the three qualities for perfecting the art of bartending flair: balance, multitasking and experimentation. “Understanding balance is most important because you are balancing multiple objects and you are in a performance yourself. Balance in mixology is extremely important. It’s also a matter of balancing flavors and ingredients and finding the right proportions, ”she explains.

The next key quality of a flair bartender is multitasking. “It improves your hand-eye coordination, your dexterity, your alertness, your presence, the present moment and the present moment. It’s something that I think flair bartenders need to instill and develop,” says Shroff.

The third quality is creativity or the means to experiment and try something new. “The main goal should be to visually impress the guests and the audience. Even if you do a simple pour, add a little trick to make your job more fun as well, ”she adds.

For aspiring bartenders and mixologists, she says there are bartending schools across India where one can take a course to become a mixologist or bartender. There are specialized courses in wines or spirits or beer and brewing. We can analyze their vocation and go with the flow, she advises. But Shroff learned it the hard way, before work, after work, and during work behind the bar, but for aspiring youngsters she says, “The easiest approach is to learn it in a school and then to master the art on the job because there is so much to learn practically on the job and on the internet. There is so much creativity on the internet and it is better to watch something you love and then watch it happen. ‘try it yourself.


As a curious child, Shroff had many other things that she yearned for from a young age that she believes can still be accomplished. “There was a period when I got interested in mountaineering and trekking. I wanted to surf, skate and highline. I still want to do these things. Maybe I would be a person who builds tree houses and mud houses. I want to incorporate these little things into my life even though I’m a flair bartender, ”says Shroff.


In the years to come, Shroff sees herself alive, happy, healthy, exploring new places and practicing in a more sustainable way. “If I have a cafe or bar area, I will make it as sustainable as possible. It will be a zero waste bar and it’s a concept I’m working on. I hope to improve myself there over the next five years, ”she concludes.

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