Sidi presents the new XPower and XPower Lei off-road motorcycle boots


Are you looking for a new pair of off-road motorcycle boots? If so, you might be interested in one of the latest additions from Italian motorcycle boot specialist Sidi to its range in 2021. The company offers a range of protective motorcycle shoes for most types of riding. driving, from the street to the track and of course, off-road. The new XPower and XPower Lei — Lei is Sidi’s line of women’s boots — offer Sidi’s signature combination of protection, style and functionality. We will take a look.

The exterior is made from Sidi’s Techno Micro fabric, which the company claims is waterproof. The lining on the inside is soft and comfortable, making them easy to slip in and out, as well as to wear for those long runs. The tongue and ankle joint are thermoformed microfiber for durability and comfort.

On the outside you will notice the four straps that close the XPower and XPower Lei boots. These are fitted with micrometric levers, which also have an adjustment memory and toothed straps so that every click is solid when you lock it in place. Best of all, each of these levers are replaceable, so don’t worry if you have a stop and one of them is broken. It’s a lot less complicated (and costly) to replace a broken lever than it is to buy a whole new set of boots, right?

Ankle protection is provided by Sidi’s flexible and exclusive Flex System, to prevent your ankle from being twisted or crushed in the event of a fall. At the same time, it’s still flexible enough that you feel comfortable while riding and not struggle as your ankles undergo normal human movements as you reposition yourself on (and off) the bike.

The inner parts of the boots, which face the bike when you ride it, are smooth. Nothing interferes with your contact with the bike. No buckles to grab, or any other part of the boot that gets in the way, which greatly facilitates repositioning during off-road trips.

Sidi XPower boots are available in four colors: black, gray, blue and red. They are available in sizes from 39 to 50. Meanwhile, Sidi’s XPower Lei boots are currently only available in white, according to the company’s website. They also show black ones, although they are not currently listed as available. Sidi XPower Lei boot sizes range from 39 to 43. The pricing information for the XPower and XPower Lei is not yet listed as of October 6, 2021.

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