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AUSTIN, Texas, January 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Commercial block, the sneaker trading platform and the free mobile application launched in May 2021, has announced tremendous growth to date. In just eight months, Tradeblock has over 100,000 collectors in the app. Tradeblock is a trade-only experience and allows collectors to trade with each other via fantasy-sports style barter negotiations. In addition to the reported user growth, the start-up also reports that the total number of sneakers in members’ ‘closets’ has grown to over 500,000 pairs in the past six months, with a gross market value of over $ 200 million. Real business activity is also increasing, with completed transactions increasing by more than 150% quarter over quarter since launch.

The unique trading experience has attracted countless sneakerheads looking to trade in their current shoes for something more desirable. Many of them cite the ability to use their “kicks as money” (instead of paying exorbitant resale prices) as a key differentiator. “As I always tell other sneaker fans, on Tradeblock, money is not king”, shares “Krewe de Jawn”, a Tradeblock member who closed over 100 trades in 2021. “The ability to connect with other avid sneaker collectors every time I open the app, in my opinion, is what keeps this community thriving.”

Mbiyimoh Ghogomu, Darren smith, and Tony Malveaux, the three Tradeblock co-founders, sneakerheads and also childhood friends, have caught the attention of many people interested in sneaker culture and innovative tech start-ups. In June 2021, Tradeblock has been recognized as Forbes Next 1000, promotion 2021. Later in 2021, Tradeblock also received funding from Google for startups Black Founders Fund. Over 60% of Tradeblock angel investors are people of color. This group includes sneaker industry veterans like Jason mayden, a former Nike shoe designer who is now vice president of Fear of God Athletics, and Keith Houlemard, former president of Brand Jordan. The company also recently closed a seed fundraiser led by Trinity Ventures and Concrete Rose Capital.

“The Tradeblock community is a mix of old school and new school sneakerheads,” says Tradeblock CEO and co-founder Mbiyimoh Ghogomu, “and although many of them express little or no desire to sell their shoes in existing markets , they love being able to explore other people’s collections and negotiate trade. We offer an entirely new and exciting approach to collecting, and as a result, our membership growth and community engagement have been off the charts. “

Tradeblock takes community development very seriously. The team attended eight Sneaker Cons across the country in 2021 and participated in the San Antonio Spurs Sneaker Jam in November. The co-founders also regularly participate in local sneaker events throughout the Houston and Austin areas. “We place a lot of importance on our ground game”, Smith shares, COO and co-founder of Tradeblock. “We wouldn’t be here without the support of the sneaker community, so it’s absolutely essential for us to always connect with sneakerheads on an individual and local level.”

Tradeblock has also recruited some of the top product developers and designers in Austin’s competitive tech ecosystem, in addition to a rapidly growing team of sneaker authenticators in Houston.

For more information on Tradeblock and to join the community, visit and download the app for ios Where Android.

About Tradeblock

Tradeblock is a sneaker trading platform that offers collectors an easy and secure way to use kicks as currency by joining a virtual community. The free mobile app for ios and Android launched in May 2021. the co-founders of Tradeblock; Tony Malveaux, Darren smith, and Mbiyimoh Ghogomu, three childhood friends and avid sneaker collectors, started building the Tradeblock community during beta. To date, Tradeblock has added over 100,000 members to its community, who in turn have added over half a million pairs of sneakers to their virtual closets that are “on the block” for trade. The startup is focused on providing an innovative digital trading experience that also cultivates and promotes the sneaker community across the country (online and in real life). It was designed to be both a marketplace and a social community: a platform created to specifically combine the economic activities of sneakerheads with the social aspects of sneaker culture. In June 2021, Tradeblock has been recognized as Forbes Next 1000, Class of 2021. In 2021, Tradeblock also received a grant from Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. To join the Tradeblock community and learn more, visit To follow @

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