Sneakers, bean: adorable adoptables of the week in Howard County

HOWARD COUNTY, MD – Meet Patch’s adorable adoptable pets of the week available from the Howard County Animal Adoption and Control Center. Ten-year-old Molly happens to be the most darling little lady. She is brave, gentle, friendly and affectionate, say the shelter staff. She weighs only 5 pounds and loves being cuddled. She previously lived with children and a cat and got along well with them. She loves to go for walks, ride in the car and can use puppy pads indoors.

Super sweet Tanner loves people, loves attention and will give you kisses when you sit on the floor with him. The 15 week old puppy loves to run and play with his family and has played well with the other dogs at the shelter. He is intelligent and food-motivated, and will learn quickly with treats. He also loves cuddles and will be great as an adult.

A 10-month-old male hamster named Sneakers can’t wait to find his forever home. He is a fun, adorable and very active little guy. He is used to being handled, but will always do better in a home with older children.

Three-year-old Bean, a neutered male rabbit, loves being brushed and petted. He doesn’t mind being held back, but not for long periods of time. In his old home, Bean was surrounded by young children, cats and dogs and got along very well with each of them.

For more information on adopting these adorable creatures or any other creatures currently at the center, call 410-313-2780 or visit the center’s website on PetFinder or its Facebook page.

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