Sneakers review: MIRET Erilo Octopus shoes


The world of footwear, and in particular basketball, is evolving at such a rate that even connoisseurs find it difficult to keep up. One of the great sources of innovation has been the use of sustainable materials and the emphasis on renewable production. This has led to dozens of new brands and some of the established brands slowly starting to realize that they need to clean up the green mess from their supply chain. One of the brands focused on sustainable solutions is MIRET, a Croatian sneaker company.

At the start of 2020, MIRET launched its second generation of ecological sneakers made from 97% natural materials on Kickstarter and the shoes are now available for purchase on their website. I put my hands / feet on a pair of their Erilo Octopus Ink (black) sneakers to test and here is what I found.

What are they?

These are MIRET Erilo Octopus Ink high top sneakers that are mid height than some real high top sneakers you will see in basketball sneakers. MIRET also offers other sizes, colors and shapes for their sneakers, including stockings.

What are they made of?

The shoes are made from 97% natural materials, replacing synthetic materials with hemp, kenaf, cork, corn, jute, eucalyptus, rubber and New Zealand wool. The ergonomic insole is made of cork, which is bacteria resistant. The laces are in eucalyptus, the reinforcements in kenaf, jute and corn. MIRET soles are made of purely natural latex. They have won several awards for design and material sourcing. The shoes are handmade in Croatia.

MIRET shoes

MIRET shoes in white

What do they look like?

First of all, they look very good. I didn’t have a pair of shoes like these, so they filled a void in the wardrobe. I had them about a month ago before it got really hot so they work best with pants, but since they’re not too high, they can work with shorts as well, especially bottoms. Most colors are quite adventurous, so you can match them to your personal style and color schemes. Black and bluish green work with just about any pants, and the laces bring it all together. They look classy on your feet, which can serve as a semi-formal outfit for something just for going out.

MIRET shoes


This is where things got a little risky at first. They’re pretty flat, so if you need a ton of arch support, they might not be for you. There is some arch support, but not like some running shoes. The first two times I wore them my lower right ankle hurt a lot afterwards. I re-laced them and tightened them up, but it kept happening. It’s the first shoe that hurts my ankle. I did not have blisters or other normal pain. However, after wearing them several times, the pain stopped and they felt better.

They can still feel a bit harsh when you walk, so if you’re considering swapping out the sneakers for a lot of support and bounce, I’d keep them anyway. However, they still have bounce back and are better than dress shoes or heels which are guaranteed to bleed your feet. They might not be the best for a 10 mile hike over rocks, but for walking in and out they are good.


My sneakers were $ 139, but there are others that are also cheaper. Get your pair here.


MIRET sneakers could be a bit more comfortable, but given the benefits of buying sustainably sourced shoes that look great, the pros outweigh the cons. You have to be prepared to break them, but once you do, they look good on you. You will feel great to have a pair of these, which are made from sustainable natural resources.

MIRET black sneakers

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