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There is something provocative, but also elegant, in waders. This is probably why, even if it is sometimes difficult for the sport, since in the early 1960s, when Balenciaga’s fall collection featured a tall boot by Mancini that covered just the kneethe popularity of what French designers call Shorts never wavered.

Yet, many women over 50 prefer not to invest in these trendy shoes as they are mistakenly considered inappropriate for their age. What we often forget is that most of the time when it comes to updating our look, all we need to do is choose a style that flatters our body type.

Whether you opt for leather or suede, flat sole or block heel, high heel or stiletto version, in the end, it’s all about finding the right proportions. And while they may seem intimidating to wear at first, they’re pretty much like any other pair of boots you already own. They just hit higher on your legwhich is very practical when it is cool outside.

These boots are also quite versatile. They can be worn for dressy occasions with dresses and dresses or everyday with pants and skirts to add a fun element.

The general rule is to find the perfect pair of boots that sit comfortably above the knee without cutting into the back of your knees or falling down. If they’re sitting at an awkward height, it may feel awkward or less flattering.

If the idea of ​​wearing thigh-high boots in your fifties is just beginning, here are some tips to follow to avoid the Pretty Woman look.

Keep it simple and classy

In general, avoid wearing them with bare legs and instead pay attention to the length of your pants or skirts in relation to the top of your boots (too big of a gap can make you look shorter and a little clingy).

Also, avoid plastic-looking fabrics and instead focus your efforts on keeping the color scheme consistent with your overall appearance to elongate your figure. And when it comes to adapting, choose ones that are a little tighter around the legs as they have more structure so they stay upright and fall less.

For the heel, you ideally want to buy shoes that suit a more casual way of dressing and are comfortable at the same time, so the lower ones are perfect.

The best way to rock your boots above the knee at any age is to go for a flat 2 inch heel height to ensure you look more chic or go for a flat and relaxed fit. a thick sole for a more casual style. provide you with both comfort and added height, and because of their versatility, you can wear them anywhere from a morning business meeting to an evening event. said stylist Rebecca Thompson.

But what if you’re petite?

Unless you’re a model, thigh high boots can be a little tricky to put on. The fact that they cover well over half of your leg means they can dominate your lower half. This draws the eyes downward and creates weight on your lower legs, making you look smaller than you are.

For little women, Thompson recommends trying a boot with a wedge heel or a low-heeled stiletto heel that best suits your daily routine and wardrobe..

Avoid baggy styles and stick to slimmer, streamlined boots. Try pairing them with a sweater dress for a fabulous day-to-night look. Remember to have an inch or two of skin showing to avoid looking overwhelmed by the fabric.“, she continued.”Also remember never to fold down the boot which can quickly become a pirate“.

Winning combinations

A stylish combination is pairing the boots with skinny pants or leggings, a long sweater or blouse and your favorite cropped coat.

Skinny jeans tucked into over the knee boots with a tie front top and a leather jacket is a classic fall outfit – says the fashion designer Tan France -. For a winter outfit idea, pair black suede OTK boots with opaque tights or leggings and a turtleneck tucked into a mini skirt. Add a fluffy or wool beret for a retro-chic touch“.

But you can also wear them under a long flowing dress or a midi skirt for a bohemian look. Even better if there’s a side slit that lets you show off your shoes with every step you take.

If you love the bohemian look, wear heeled boots with a full skirt 2-3 inches below the knee and pair them with a peasant blouse.», suggests Sue Heman, a member of Nordstrom Canadian Advisory Board and one Barley Poppy Ambassador. “Accessorize with a chunky necklace made of natural materials like wood and leather to complete the look“”.

Even a pencil skirt with a structured blazer and dark tights will work with thigh high boots if you’re looking to achieve a sophisticated look.

Whichever combination you go with, one thing is certain: knee-high boots have a lot of main character energy. So what are you waiting for? Choose your waders by gray, brown and cognac (the new “it” colors) and in soft suede varieties to start enjoying the endless possibilities to stand out from the crowd. Your confidence boost could just be a pair of brand-new cycling shorts.

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