Taking a vacation – some tips to make a flight enjoyable


I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m traveling flying is the best and fastest way, but wow I’m so stuck and not the best passenger. This is why I have such a problem with a very long flight. Four hours is about my max. After that, I just want the flight to end. It’s not that I’m afraid to fly, it’s a boring thing. And not to be comfortable. The legroom is not that great. And just sitting there for so long … ugh.

There are some things you can do to help yourself “survive” those long flights. The Hearald weekly had some great ideas and tips, and have added some of my own flying experiences most of my life. These are ways to make sure your flight is as pleasant as possible.


This one looks weird. Why? I mean, we all know if you have less ice in your glass you’ll get more from any drink, but is that it? Apparently not. The ice problem comes from the water tank which is not necessarily the most cleaned and can cause a problem with your belly in flight.


This one looks strange. Is it not acquired? Maybe only if your seat is back. The flight attendants will always come by and ask you to put it back in the upright position. But if you are asleep, they will usually leave you alone. But that’s the problem – your ears and the pressure aren’t regulated. You need to stay awake, force a yawn, and / or chew gum.


I remember I was a kid, we were flying somewhere and we were always told to “dress”. This is not the way to go. Wear something comfortable. Nothing too tight or binding. There are “travel clothes” that are loose and make sure you wear comfortable shoes. And dress in layers so you can remove a layer or add one depending on the temperature of the flight. There is also a lot of walking to get to the right gate, pick up luggage, ground transportation and more. You don’t want to be uncomfortable.


Better to be early and be able to have a drink or a meal before the flight than to run into the lobby to catch a flight or worse, miss it altogether due to TSA or traffic problems.


Some airports have a lounge for “preferred” passengers. These benefits usually come in the form of a credit card that gives you the rewards of certain airlines. Although there is a fee, it’s usually worth it if you travel often enough. Even going over the TSA line faster can be a benefit enough to get the credit card.


If possible, fly as early as possible. Much less chance of your flight being delayed. Sometimes that’s not an option, but if it is, it might be worth losing some sleep. In Minneapolis, many hotels around the airport will allow you to leave your car in their parking lot for free if you stay the night before your flight. Now you have a parking space and saved early morning driving time.


If you travel with Delta, and other airlines do, but Delta certainly allows you to check in early, like the day before. You can also pay for your luggage in advance. You can get a copy of your boarding pass on your phone, which is much more convenient and saves you time at the counter for check-in.

Stay away from soft drinks in flight

I know you can enjoy a glass of soda, but those sodas also make you swallow a ton of air. Just consider that the air needs to come out – it might not be pleasant for you or anyone around you.


If you have air sickness / motion sickness issues and turbulence adds to that, fly in the morning. Turbulence occurs when air rises and the earth is warmer. And also during storms and strong winds. It gets worse throughout the day. So for less chance of that happening, fly ASAP.


Usually, airlines allow you to choose your seat. So make sure you have the right one for you. As if you wanted to sleep, choose a window seat so you can lean on the side of the plane. If you tend to get up often to go to the bathroom or just to stretch your legs, choose an aisle seat or near it.


If you happen to check in closer to the time of the flight, there is an advantage. The chance that your checked baggage goes out first. The last, the first. So there is this advantage.


If you were unable to secure a good seat when purchasing your tickets, you can request again at check-in or when you are on the flight. Someone may feel like you and want to change. Your seat may not be ideal for you, but may work for someone else. It never hurts to ask.


The ceiling air vent is ideal for a little fresh air. Make sure to adjust it so that it doesn’t blow directly on your head, but it can help keep germs away from others around you. Like a force field.


Nothing wrong with bringing some little comforts. Also, you don’t want to use the ones the airlines can provide. Uh.


Wear socks. No one wants to walk barefoot on the airport floor. Now that we all have to take our shoes off, it’s necessary and cleaner.


Bring yours. You can now bring your own food. You still need to buy liquids after the TSA check-up, but unopened food is okay to take out. In addition, you can bring an empty water bottle and simply fill it up after this checkpoint.


Some flights have movies, but just in case they don’t make sure to bring your own headphones or earphones and download some nice movies or shows to watch while in flight.

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