Texas Co. Bucks Trend with Rare Exotic Boots in Limited Capsule Collection

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hevias, a premium lifestyle brand for men, has announced the release of its highly anticipated ultra-rare exotic leather capsule. This spring, you can expect to see Nile Crocodile, American Bison, Reticulated Python and more.

Make your trip a daring adventure with this exotic real Nile crocodile chukka boot. Turn heads, take in the scenery and stay absolutely comfortable every step of the way with a soft interior lining that prevents slipping and sticking. Handcrafted in over 200 steps; these boots are built to survive, just like you. Welcome to the jungle. https://hevias.com/collections/the-voyager

A modern take on an age-old Western Roper boot. Our custom Heritage leather is developed from thick, oiled American bison leather that will last for generations. This low profile boot is easy to get on and off thanks to its sturdy Spanish zipper and its Goodyear welt sole provides stability and is easy to resole, guaranteeing a lifespan. Available in Copper and Charcoal. https://hevias.com/collections/west-coast-roper

They call you a rebel, and it looks great on you when you’re wearing those bad boys. We’ve taken a silky reticulated python belly cut and countered it with extra thick elastic gore. Spoiler alert: these Chelsea boots will never lose their structure and you’ll never regret putting them on. A super-soft lining on the pro side means you’re walking on clouds every time you step out. https://hevias.com/collections/le-rebelle

Hevias contains an expanding portfolio of exclusive handmade leather goods including boots, loafers, travel bags and accessories. The brand’s identity is rooted in traditional leather craftsmanship techniques applied to modern style. Craftsmanship and respect for tradition are evident with every piece.

Founder Rian McCartan notes his desire to support traditional and sustainable practices while creating exceptional quality products that cross generations. “In a throwaway Amazon world of the next day, we wanted to demonstrate that some things should take time and last forever,” McCartan says.

The Exotic Collection features small-batch leathers that are hard to find in the United States, which can now be purchased from the Hevias website at www.hevias.com.

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