The best brands and ski equipment for men: jackets, helmets, masks

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It’s the most beautiful time of the year! (Yes, we’re talking about ski season.) Now is the time to check your gear situation, if you haven’t already. Depending on where you live, the ski season can last almost six months, so you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing high-quality, durable gear that will be with you from start to finish. Whether you’re just looking to buy a new pair of boots or need to replace your entire kit, you’ve come to the right place.

With some of the most notable brands in the industry releasing updated gear on an annual basis, all the choices available to you may seem like a whirlwind – that’s why we’ve highlighted some of our preferred versions to give you a clear picture of the options available to you.

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Best All Mountain Skiing

Volkl M6 Mantra skis

Rated “Best All Mountain Ski 2022” by Ski Mag, these Volkl skis are the culmination of years of dedication and continuous development by its German engineers. The skis are built around a multi-layered wood core sandwiched between titanium – an alloy of aluminum with titanium and vanadium. For those new to the technical aspects of skis, titanal is a competitor to carbon fiber, often offering superior damping qualities.

Mantra ski review, save these technical specifications. Claims of exceptional grip and carving capabilities, even in the most freezing conditions, make these skis a great option for hard snow conditions.

Best ski boots

Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 120 TECH GW Alpine Touring Boots – Men’s – 2021/2022

If you’re looking for great all-terrain boots to match your new all-terrain skis, look no further than these Atomic Hawx Ulta boots. Considered one of the lightest boots in the entire Atomic range, the Hawx Ultra are perfect for a day trip out into the backcountry or a great day out on the resort slopes with your friends. Atomic achieves this technical feat by using thicker walls in key areas of the shoe where integrity is required and thin construction in less important areas. They also feature a memory foam liner that can be heat molded to the shape of your foot.

Best ski jacket

Arc’teryx Procline Jacket

If you are looking to enter the Arc’teryx ski jacket market at a lower and more reasonable price, the Procline Jacket is your best choice. Coming to you several hundred dollars cheaper than its Gore-Tex PRO cousins, this jacket is coated with Gore-Tex’s newest creation – INFINIUM. While this material is not as impenetrable to water as the PRO, it will still provide you with protection against the usual water and snow splashes at resorts.

However, as with almost all Arc’teryx products, you can still expect superior backcountry protection with the Procline. This jacket includes a helmet compatible Stormhood to protect you from wind and rain without obstructing vision.

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Best ski pants

Archangel Outdoor Research bib pants

Bibs are back in fashion and for good reason too. Not only do these high waste snow pants look cool, but they also offer an increased level of functionality over regular pants. Those who frequent deep powder already know this, but there’s no better way to stay dry and keep the snow out than pants with bibs.

Outdoor Research Archangel pants are no different. Not only do they feature a 3-layer combination of Gore-Tex Pro material, but they also include reinforced scuff guards in strategic areas to withstand abrasion from the backcountry.

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The North Face Adult Montana Futurelight Etip Mitts

$ 70.00

While some might think the mitt-versus-glove debate is purely based on style preference, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Gloves are more practical for snowboarders, who need finger dexterity to constantly adjust and readjust bindings. Mittens are best suited for skiers, who often only adjust their bindings once or twice a day. In terms of warmth and insulation, mittens take the lead in both categories, due to the fingers’ ability to draw heat from each other.

That’s why we suggested these North Face Montana mittens to our ski readers. These feature a patented wristband that constantly maintains heat, as well as an ultra-warm fork finger construction to keep those fingers warm.

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Smith Squad Goggles

Whether you realize it or not, protecting your eyes from the elements is an essential aspect of your ski kit. High winds, freezing snow and a blinding sun are to be expected every time you hit the slopes. That is why you should not spare any expense when it comes to protective eyewear. After all, your eyes are irreplaceable.

Smith is known for making the first dual lens ski goggles. The brand’s pedigree is found in every inch of the Squad goggle, which features multiple technical aspects like its ChromaPop lens that accentuates color on low-light days, as well as a two-layer foam that wicks sweat away from the skin for dry comfort.

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Best ski helmet

MIPS astronomical spy helmet

While we’re on the subject of safety, let’s talk about helmets. Skiing is a dangerous sport, and research shows that helmets have had a drastic impact in reducing fatalities and serious injuries since their introduction into the general aspect of the sport. When looking for a new helmet, focus on products that incorporate the MIPS brain protection system into their design. This technology has been proven to add an additional 10% level of safety to the helmet.

The Spy Astronomical Helmet is not only designed according to MIPS principles, but it also comes with its perfect fit system to allow for a tighter fit and stability during extreme activities in the backcountry or in the mountains. parks. If you don’t have a headset yet, this is a great place to start.

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Patagonia Capilene Midweight Zip Neck Technical Base Layer

Jackets are getting a lot of attention, and rightly so. However, your base layer is almost just important. Proper layering in cold weather is a sure-fire way to keep your body warm and dry even in the harshest elements. Also, keep in mind that since base layers are meant to be worn under your outer shell, design matters less and functionality matters more.

Patagonia and functionality go hand in hand like two peas in a pod, and their Capilene zip is no exception. This base layer comes with a mid-weight fabric that has a smooth face for easy layering and an internal diamond pattern that traps heat before it leaves your body. It also features the company’s patented HeiQ technology which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria by weaving antimicrobial elements into its design.

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Smartwool Performance Ski Zero Cushion OTC Socks

Your investment in your underwear should extend right down to your socks. Cold, wet feet can ruin your day and worse yet, cause blisters. Depending on the thickness of the insulation on your boots, you’ll want to choose a sock thickness that matches and doesn’t rub your feet the wrong way.

Smartwool socks are a great intermediate option that does not wear unnecessary thickness, due to its special blend of synthetic and natural materials. These are also a great option if your boots already have a thick built-in liner. This particular model also features their patented Indestructawool technology which strategically places merino wool and backing fibers where they are needed most for durability and comfort.

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