The best hotels in Barbados

Barbados may have its laid-back island charm, where languid afternoons stretch along white-sand beaches that descend into surreal turquoise bays, but there’s more to this coral island than sand and sea. UNESCO-listed Bridgetown is packed with independent shops, markets showcasing Bajan fruit and art, and buildings steeped in history (and invariably rum) such as St. Nicholas Abbey . Community roadside rum shacks are as prolific here as tropical gardens – the Andromeda Botanic Gardens near the village of Bathsheba are particularly beautiful – and festivals such as the Food and Rum Festival and the Crop Festival. Over lean on the Bajan. For several weeks, performers take to the streets in flamboyant costumes and the warming smell of spiced sweet potatoes, chicken curry and fried flying fish wafts through the air.

Just 21 miles from tip to tip, Barbados offers that mix of beach and culture everywhere – surfers tend to hang on to the underrated east coast for its Atlantic waves. and sun worshipers stay west for the calm, warm bathing waters of the Caribbean Sea. Although parts of the island have succumbed to the all-inclusive culture, Barbados’ shores are home to a handful of stylish hotels, many of which evoke a bygone era of gin and tonics before lunch on backgammon, a few channeling l unadorned spirit of the island. with creative Creole menus and whitewashed rooms. From family-friendly mainstay legends with country club beats and manicured beach gardens to sleek boutiques filled with Calypso music and plates of freshly caught seafood, here are the best hotels in Barbados.

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