The Sneaker Care brand, Crep Protect, makes history

With the help of 325 passionate sneakerheads, the world’s leading sneaker care brand, Crep Protect, earns a Guinness World Record for cleaning the most shoes simultaneously in one go.

As niche as when you first opened up a copy of the infamous Guinness World Records book long ago, a new Guinness World Record has been won for Crep Protect cleaning the most shoes at once. Held on November 13 at Boxpark, London, the event saw hundreds of eager sneakerheads swarming the venue with their eyes on the prize. Together, the 325 participants became record holders, leaving with the honor of playing a part in setting a world record, a medal, a collection of Crep Protect products and a sweatshirt. limited edition hoodie – a day to remember with a little something to remember it by.

“It was a pleasure to be invited here today to judge this Guinness World Records title attempt,” Guinness World Record spokesman Andrew Fanning said after the heat. He continues: “It was a fantastic event and after achieving the level ‘Most people clean a pair of sneakers simultaneously’, Crep Protect went officially amazing and joined an elite group of Guinness World Title holders. Record.”

If you don’t know the name, you might remember the videos that went viral when the company launched. After just one invisible coat of Crep Protect product, everything from water to ketchup drains away without leaving any residue. Since the brand’s inception in 2012, Crep Protect has quickly become a global phenomenon, passionate about sneakers and sneaker care, with a product line comprising over 35 products, loved by sneakerheads in 52 countries. Costs.

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