There’s a convention in Portland this weekend for sneaker fans

When I heard there was a sneaker convention in Portland this weekend, I thought to myself, it was a weird kind of convention. Are there really enough people in the world who love sneakers to throw a convention? This question from a guy who travels across the country to attend pinball conventions. Hello bro. Meet the kettle.

The Maine Sneaker Convention is a real thing and it’s happening this Sunday, February 27 from 12-5 p.m. at the Portland Elks Lodge on Outer Congress Street. According to the Maine Sneaker Convention website, as well as modern and vintage apparel, sports cards, collectibles, and Pokemon cards.

You don’t have to be a sneaker fan either. Everyone is invited to consult the convention.

Now, a guy like me considers sneakers to be comfortable shoes. Purely practical. Spring, summer and fall is all I wear. I’m a New Balance guy because they’re still made here in the US, Norway, Maine, the area where I grew up.

But these sneaker fans are on a whole different level. They are collectors and traders, sometimes called “sneakerheads”. According to Wikipedia, sneakerheads “go to outlets, sneaker events, swapmeets, parties, and gatherings looking for rare, unsold, vintage, and limited-edition shoes to invest in.”

This is the part I had no idea. Who knew sneakers could be an investment? Then again, as a pinball machine, I can also buy pinball machines as an investment. I can play it until I get tired of it, and most of the time I sell it for more than it was worth.

Find out what it’s like to be a sneakerhead and attend the Maine Sneaker Convention on Sunday.

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