These beanies are wearable works of art


Brand of legendary designer Yuki Matsuda Chamula, a brand under the Meg Company umbrella (along with Yuketen, Epperson Mountaineering and Monitaly), showcases the talents of Mexican highland artisans. There, Matsuda manages a team that handcrafts every Chamula item: from leather huaraches and soft cardigans to woolen scarves and hats.

With Meg, Matsuda creates brands that embody American heritage. Yuketen refers to the traditions of handcrafted shoes; Epperson Mountaineering talks about outdoor brands like Patagonia and The North Face; Monitaly refers to hardwearing outerwear once reserved for fishing and hiking. Chamula, however, is an exception. The brand pays homage to Matsuda’s long-term trips to Mexico in the mid-1990s.

But none of these are get-rich-quick riffs or lazy reproductions. In everything he does, Matsuda emphasizes slow, well-made products rather than those he could have mass-produced.

“I don’t think a machine can make the shoes we can make,” he told us in 2016. The same sentiment applies to the beanies he entrusts to Mexican artisans to make Chamula. “I like working with competent people. Crafts and folk art are so beautiful. It’s very simple, but very strong.

“Very simple, but very strong” describes Chamula’s designs well. These are literal wearable artwork. Each beanie is handwoven with merino wool from local sheep. The beanies are double cuffed for double the warmth and dyed by the same hands that knit them. These same hands successfully replicate intricate Fair Isle designs rooted in rich Scottish tradition. As expected, and rightly so, these fetch a pretty penny at full price, but a few colors are on sale now at Stag Provisions. Save 30% until they are sold out.


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brown heather

Double Cuff Fair Isle Beanie

ivory #2

Double Cuff Fair Isle Beanie

ivory #5

Double Cuff Fair Isle Beanie

Pearl grey

Double Cuff Fair Isle Beanie

German heritage meets Ralph Lauren

Heimat, a small German brand started by a former Ralph Lauren executive, makes some of the most underrated beanies.


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