Ugg mini boots are back in fashion and Primark fans are going wild for the £ 6 pair

UGG boots are back, for better or for worse.

Some like soft boots and others despise them, but it seems they are everywhere right now.


Buyers go wild for Ugg boots as they come back in fashionCredit: @ isabella_mayer1 / Tiktok

Whether you think they’re the perfect comfy shoe or a gross horror, you can’t avoid them.

But now everyone is talking about “mini Uggs” – a style shorter than the classic boot.

And even celebrities wear them – with Emily Ratajowski and Kendall Jenner among the stars seen wearing mini Uggs.

But at £ 125 a pair, we can’t all afford their hefty price tag.

But fear not, Primark to the rescue!

Primark fans have been going wild for their new take on mini Uggs recently and to be honest they look pretty much exactly the same as the original.

Primark fan Isabella Mayer found the shoes at her local store and posted a video on TikTok showing them off.

Isabella uploaded the video to her TikTok account “isabela_mayer1” with the caption “PSA for UGG mini boot lovers !!!!! Primark has them for £ 6 !!! ‘.

She said, “So I’m sure you’ve all seen the little Ugg boots that are all the rage right now.

“Personally, I’m obsessed and was going to buy a real pair but fear not, Primark is selling them.

“£ 6! What the hell!”

If you’re a fan of Uggs, this bargain purchase might just be for you – not only do they look super comfy, for just £ 6, you can’t really go wrong.

The video has only been live on TikTok for five days, but has already racked up 18.4,000 views.

It has 811 likes, 30 comments and 26 shares.

One person said, “Omg stop! Take me to Primark.

Another added: “Omg, they are so cute! Do they have other colors? to which Isabella said “Yes !! Dark brown and black.

A third commented, “Let’s go get this. “


However, many TikTok users were confused that Ugg boots were back in fashion and were not keen on buying a good deal from Isabella.

One person said, “How did we circle the Ugg boots before ?!

Another added: “They are not.”

A third commented: “Crazy because over 5 years ago if you wore Uggs you would be bullied. How times are changing.

Isabella was seriously impressed when she grabbed a pair of £ 6 Uggs from Primark


Isabella was seriously impressed when she grabbed a pair of £ 6 Uggs from PrimarkCredit: @ isabella_mayer1 / Tiktok

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