We all love Simon Jacquemus, because he is one of us


Jacquemus Fall / Winter 2021. Paris, France

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Everyone loves Jacquemus. I love Jacquemus, your sister loves Jacquemus, your mother too, your cousin, your frantic colleague Nicki, and her best friend. We all love Jacquemus not because we’ve seen the French brand on influencers in nature, on this one live in a lavender field or because they make the smallest handbags on the market, but because its founder Simon Jacquemus is one of us.

Simon grew up in a small town in the south of France, began his retail career working at a Comme des Garçons store in Paris, and launched his brand – named after his late mother’s maiden name – with little formal training at the age of 20. He started making a name for himself after he and his friends organized fake fashion events, wearing the brand’s early models, outside of performance venues where big luxury brands held their runway shows during the week. of fashion. I remember seeing these images.

Jacquemus then crept into my life when my longtime girlfriend started her tradition of buying a single piece from each of her collections, starting in 2015 with a bright yellow and white cabana striped mini dress from the third collection of the brand she bought on sale. at Dover Street Market here in London. On this one, a spill of dried red wine – my fault – is still visible.

I’ve seen Jacquemus through his eyes ever since. How pretty she feels wearing the brand’s almost too revealing white linen dresses on special occasions, how confident she feels about going to work in an understated navy turtleneck that’s now part of her daily uniform, and how she walks hard, sporting an ivory wool sleeveless top that makes her overheat in the summer. She doesn’t mind, she wears Jacquemus.

I then experienced some of these elements myself. After Jacquemus announced his first men’s collection during his women’s show in February 2018, I tried (unsuccessfully) to carry on the tradition. I understand now, wearing Jacquemus makes it feel like the long-awaited summer has finally arrived. You want to do something other than sit indoors when wearing Jacquemus.

The success of the brand, which remains independently owned to this day, lies in the fact that real people wear the LVMH Prize winner’s creations. This is partly strategic, the prices are slightly lower than most luxury brands, many pieces that are easier to wear and the items carried over between seasons make you feel included in the brand’s ongoing history. . Women marry Jacquemus – abandoning the old-fashioned requirement for overpriced dresses. Men, many of whom just don’t connect with the extravagant haute couture aesthetic, feel right at home with Jacquemus spicing up their wardrobes. Other buyers, of all sizes, long alienated from the luxury fashion industry, have found a summer wardrobe at the brand.

Everything Simon’s ease has transcended his upbeat Instagram page which serves as both a personal and business account, and where over 3.4 million followers see the creative director walking through sunflower fields, buying lemons in local markets. , show you around his Parisian workshop with his dog Toutou, dance, try his luck with the imaginary visions of future designers, sell flowers wrapped in surplus Jacquemus fabrics, share childhood photos, ride a quad and celebrate the love for her late mother, her nephews, her grandmother, and her partner Marco. Always personal, never too strategic.

This is why so many people, including myself, buy Jacquemus. Always authentic, rarely difficult to sell. We want to be part of the universe that Simon creates. A universe that he is expanding today with his latest Fall / Winter 2021 collection The mountain, where an entourage of monochrome-looking – sometimes over-styled – models wore everything from cropped down jackets and brown sheepskin jackets to hot pink sneakers. Some had isms of other designers like Charlotte Knowles, Prada and Heliot Emil. Others were perfectly his. A selection of the collection was put on sale directly on the brand’s website after the show.

A $ AP Nast, Rosalia, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Amine all traveled to Paris to sit in the front row or walk in the show that took place under a giant globe covered in blue and green that served decor at the show. They too are living their lives in Jacquemus, previously starring in the brand’s lockdown campaigns, marching in his shows, and being photographed by branded paparazzi at brunch in LA. And just like that, the universe of Jacquemus, the man and the brand, have grown even larger.

After such a special year, I wanted to bring people together and share a fashion moment together. I wanted to focus on the clothes, the silhouettes, the colors, the fabrics, the details and the energy of the models.

Simon Jacquemus on Jacquemues FW21

Highsnobiety’s shopping list

The Can-You-See-Me-Now? Polo

There is no such thing as a brighter color. We like that.

Jill kortleve

I think of Jacquemus, I think of the Dutch model Jill Kortleve. The simplest look but the best in the series.

The brolette

Jonas Glöer in an orange bralette marks the start of brolette fashion? The bra? The letter ? Call it what you want, it’s here to stay.

The duffel

Don’t really roll your tongue, do you? A traditional outerwear reimagined with a streetwear slant.

The cardigan of high expectations

Look me straight in the eye and tell me that this silk cardigan is not inspired by the green Donna Karan cardigan that Gwyneth Paltrow wears in the 1998 movie “Great Expectations”. Yeah, that’s the one.

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