Wearing Adidas’ Home Alone Forum: The Perfect Christmas Sneakers

“All the grown-ups leave their mark,” the Wet Bandits said in the 1990 film. Alone at home.

Few thieves knew what marks they would leave the McCallister House with – or what mark their iconic characters would leave on the holiday movie world.

As a result, the Wet Bandits and Kevin McCallister’s attempt to beat them were commemorated by Adidas with near-replicas of Kevin’s on-screen kicks – who were, in fact, a pair of Three Stripes. Synthetic burn marks, stitching, and rug tufts literally put the wearer in McCallister’s shoes, while film-inspired packaging details the protagonist’s home defense plan.


Unfortunately, my enthusiasm got the better of me and the packaging did not match the photos. Here’s a preview.Maya Ernest / Entrance

As a fan of the shoes and the movie, I couldn’t wait to try these Alone at home sneakers. Unwrapping the shoes was really like opening a Christmas present: As they arrived in Adidas’ classic blue box, the packaging was wrapped in paper detailing Kevin’s defense plan. A note, “handwritten” by the protagonist, ended the wrapping by saying: “Merry Christmas, you dirty animal!”

Filled with Alone at home references, the Forum Lows are sure to please die-hard fans of the film, without overdoing it. Featuring a cream base and red accents, the shoes commemorate Kevin’s own forums in the film, while the burn marks near the front of the sneakers hint at his heated feud with Wet Bandits Harry and Marv – who, luckily, did not “burn the joint” as McCallister puts it.

A set of three graphic insoles provides a better look into the thieves’ adventure, with photos of Harry and Marv caught in the traps of Kevin’s shaving cream and televised ruse. Removable dubraes further help wearers customize their Alone at home kicks, taking the form of irons, maintenance vans, fire extinguishers, fans, broken ornaments and cans of paint. Co-branded chenille tongue tags, along with white corduroy hits, nod to Kevin’s winter outfits throughout the film while a hidden note in the Forum’s iconic strap opens to reveal McCallister’s quote: “This is my house, I must defend it.” “

At the heel, tiny metallic ‘M’ charms – which technically mean McCallister, but also my first initial – complete the design. As you walk, the color of the red charms changes in the light, much like an ornament that shines under the lights of a Christmas tree.


To style my hair well Alone at home kicking, I took inspiration from McCallister’s’ 90s look and paired the sneakers with a set of corduroy pants, matching the shoe’s chenille tongue labels. Taking inspiration from Kevin’s signature red sweater, I opted for a red puffer jacket, coordinating the color with the red details of the sneakers.

Having worn and loved the classic Adidas Forum model before, I was familiar with the Alone at home the iteration would give me the same comfortable feel: As a sneaker originally designed for basketball, the Forum features a plush sockliner, grippy outsole, and ankle strap secured to the shoe. scratch. Still, I didn’t expect to like the themed version of the shoe more than the original – who knew a few design changes could make the retro sneaker even better?

Amid a market of over-the-top holiday designs, Adidas’ Alone at home Forum Lows keeps things minimal, which means kicks can be worn regardless of the season. Only on a closer look can people see the commemorative details – and with Adidas focusing on durability, it’s only fair that the shoes stand up to years of wear and changing trends. The growing popularity of the Forum 1984 model proves that the silhouette is as classic as the beloved holiday flick and, likewise, will never go out of style.

However, they may be out of stock. Only a few pairs of Alone at home Forum Lows persists at retailers like Champs Sports, Selfridges, END and Hibbett. At just $ 110, the sneakers are only $ 20 more than the original Adidas Forum Low – except they come with special edition wrapping paper, lace dubraes, and additional insoles and are still minimal enough to be worn every day. You will never be bored of the Alone at home Forum Low shoes, as we never tire of hearing: “Merry Christmas, you dirty beasts.

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