Where To Find UGG Ultra Mini Boots Right Now

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They say history repeats itself and fashion history is no exception, so here’s the latest news: UGGs are officially in again (Editor’s note: have they ever really outsidealthough?). We all woke up one morning and the sheepskin lined boots that * defined * a lot of our college years had made a deal with [insert higher power here] and picked up all the Instagram feeds, TikTok scrolls, morning commutes, and people reading at the grocery store (craving outfits). The game changer who brought them back? The Ultra Mini Boot. This micro-miniature version of the beloved 2000s classic has been seen on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Joan Smalls and all fashion blogger and trendy influencer under the sun. As a result, it became almost impossible to find a pair.

Fortunately, you can get yours on Amazon (right now, they’re the only retailer that offers a wide variety of colors and sizes, although you can technically get a few at stores like Neiman Marcus. and UGG).

Shop the UGG Ultra Mini Boots

The “Honey, I Shrunk the Boot” version of the shoe is just as cozy, warm and comfortable as its larger cousins, but it’s also easier to slip on while rushing for the door, and more easy to pair with looser pants now that the skinny jeans you slipped into your boots have been # canceled (kidding, you can wear any kind of jeans!). Although the style was originally introduced last year, the launch of new colors like Sky Blue and Orange Soda has earned them a spot on many wishlists and in every transport video of “What I Got had for Christmas “later.

While the unprecedented increase in the search for athletic wear and more casual sportswear due to the increased time spent cooking, socializing, working, exercising and spending time at home house over the past couple of years is an obvious factor contributing to the shoe’s success, their astronomical popularity (the search volume for this style has skyrocketed 403 percent since November) is also due to the fact that these small boots are more discreet than the old classic models of the brand. They are easier to dress up and down and wear indoors or out while wrapping your feet in a plush hug. They are light to wear and comfortable – ticking both form and function – and have taken off with the growing popularity of Y2K “retro” fashion.

Unlike the 5-inch height of the classic Mini II, the Ultra Mini style is even shorter at 3.75 inches, making it the perfect intermediary between a slipper and a full shoe. Although lacking in the arch support department, the boots are my forever go-to when it comes to running errands, walking the dog, doing laundry, going home with a limp from the gym and do some upholstery around the house. Granted, as a very trendy individual, I was duly swayed to purchase the subtle and extremely comfortable style for myself, but alas (and expected) they are sold out almost everywhere. To help, we went in search of the rare and always illusory boot. Scroll to the top and you’ll find some of the last remaining pairs of these sought-after winter ankle boots!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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