“Why don’t you buy some new shoes?” – Joe Ingles explains why he keeps wearing the same Kobe Bryant sneakers – Basketball Network

Joe Ingles and Kobe Bryant

Joe Ingles doesn’t let success get into his head. He plays the game the right way, wears the same sneakers and does it again next time. Proof of his humility and his constancy: wearing the same shoes for almost two seasons.

I’ll wear the Kobe until no one else wears it

Joe Ingles makes millions and is endorsed by Nike, but he prefers to buy and wear a specific type of shoe that is considered a rarity in today’s NBA. Players, especially superstars, could afford to buy and wear different sneakers every game, but Joe sticks to what makes him feel good.

So when he’s decided on his weapon of choice for his feet, he’ll use it until it’s time to look for another pair that isn’t necessarily in another design. Joe didn’t even care if the shoe was already abandoned; he would look for ways to profit from it even in the resale market.

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“All my teammates were laughing at me saying, ‘Why don’t you buy new shoes?’ “That does not bother me. The shoe is comfortable, my feet feel good. We’re trying to win a basketball game, I’m not worried.” said Ingles.

This “hoop of hoops” mentality is rare in the NBA. Every player focuses almost too much on branding, playing outfits and lifestyle off the pitch. But not Joe. He’s often criticized for looking like a science or math teacher, but the small forward likes to let his game do the talking.

Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Ironically, Ingles wore his Kobe shoes against Kobe Bryant in his last game, where he torched the Utah Jazz with 60 points. Being able to compete with the Black Mamba is something Joe doesn’t take for granted.

“One of the coolest things that ever happened was playing this game and signing the shoes to him when Nike made us all a shoe, and it had the date of the game on it and everything in it. sewn,” English added.

Kobe may be gone, but his legacy lives on with the players whose lives he touched. Can Joe Ingles channel his inner Black Mamba this coming season? Jazz fans should wait and see.

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