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Last summer, Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin – who wants to impeach Gov. Brad Little in the upcoming GOP primary elections – embarked on the Lewiston non-partisan municipal election, saying Wilson Boots had ” the vision and integrity to put you back the voter in control. “

Approval is now a big part of the Boots mayor’s campaign message.

This is all a bit ironic considering the political wrecking ball McGeachin took last week on his own reputation for “vision”, “integrity” and respect for voters.

Let’s start with the beatings she received for thumbing her nose at the public’s right to see its affairs conducted in the light of day. Throughout his indoctrination panel attempt to prove that educators in Idaho were turning gullible youths into Communists, Socialists, Marxists, and Critical Racial Theory, McGeachin didn’t want you to see the public comments that ‘she was receiving. His apology for violating the public records law was so slim that a judge fined him and ordered McGeachin’s office to pay for the lawyers Idaho journalists were forced to hire. Even then, she didn’t comply until she was about to face a contempt hearing.

As it turned out, 70% of the comments McGeachin received told her she was on the wrong track. Only 8% agreed with her.

But on October 14, McGeachin doubled down. Along with GOP attorney general candidate Arthur Macomber, McGeachin held a so-called press conference – at which reporters could not ask any questions – at Ammon Elementary School. They continued to blame Attorney General Lawrence Wasden for her difficult legal situation – even though she dispensed with Wasden’s office and hired a private attorney.

McGeachin withheld an email she said proved the point, but declined to disclose it until Idaho Press’s Betsy Russell files a request for public recording.

The document, dated June 7, says the exact opposite: In addition to redacting the files to reveal only the initials of the minors, the attorney general urged McGeachin to release the documents “as soon as possible and no later than the end of the year. working day tomorrow. “

Keep in mind that it was six weeks before the Idaho Press Club took the case to court. At that time, McGeachin was represented by attorney Colton Boyles of Sandpoint, whose advice she took while ignoring the public records law.

But the train wreck was only just beginning.

Former Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice and Republican Attorney General Jim Jones said the “press conference” crossed the campaign line. And the use of “public property or resources” for this purpose violates the 2018 Public Integrity in Elections Act.

“The problem could have been avoided if Macomber had familiarized himself with Idaho law, as one would expect from a candidate for a senior legal office,” Jones wrote.

Now McGeachin wants taxpayers to spit out the $ 50,000 she spent on this getaway. But as his office told Clark Corbin of the Idaho Capital Sun, he can’t find any bills for Boyles’ bills.

“We can’t find what we don’t have and we don’t have any invoices,” McGeachin tweeted.

Even though his office has misplaced the bills, Boyles knows what he owes. Get another set of it.

This is what Corbin was able to verify: Boyles billed $ 250 an hour for himself and $ 120 an hour for a paralegal.

So subtract the $ 28,973.84 his office has to pay from the press club’s attorney fees and costs.

Deduct the fine of $ 750 imposed on him. Divide the rest by the hourly fee of $ 370 and you get about 55 billable hours.

If the Attorney General had spent the same amount of time, the cost to the taxpayer would have been approximately $ 4,840.

Being as stupendous as the next swamp with taxpayer dollars barely shows much respect for the voter, does it?

You can see why McGeachin may want to fit in the Lewiston municipal election. He makes his name known to voters in north-central Idaho.

But at this point you must be wondering why Boots would want to approach her.

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