Widespread Panic Pays Tribute to Butch Trucks, Daniel Hutchens, More at Panic En La Playa Night 3 [Photos/Videos]

On Monday evenings, the titans of jam-rock, Widespread panic returned to the stage Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico for the third night of Panic In La Playa Diez.

The weather remained optimal for daytime drinking and sunny shenanigans as the thirsty crowd returned to the court for the third straight night. Panic also remained at the top of his game, performing a host of classic originals as well as homages to departed idols like Butch Trucks (Allman Brothers Band), and Daniel Hutchins (Bloodkin) among the covers of the usual suspects like Robert Johnson, jerry joseph, Vic Chestnut, and Neil Young.

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Getting down to business, Widespread Panic took over the stage with a rock “Porch Song” before moving on to Robert Johnson’s “Stop Breaking Down”. John Bell infused the legendary bluesman’s song with his own style, affixing it with an improvised rap “Gimme Back My Wig” and some slide guitar chops.

Embark on an expanse of originals, Dave Schools led the trip to the high seas in “Bear’s Gone Fishin'” (“It’s Sunny by the Sea”) before a monster swallows the yard like the Biblical Leviathan. When the shocked crowd regained consciousness, schools and Jimmy Herring stood on a mountain of rubble, ready to go with an almighty “Tie Your Shoes”. small feat‘s “Spanish Moon” before giving JoJo Hermann lead vocals on his bawdy ballad, “Blackout Blues”. JB echoed “Love your girl” after the first verse – still giddy amongst the dusty debris caused by “TYS” – and mixed in more slide guitar with JoJo’s piano.

After a brief hiatus, JoJo passed the baton to the schools for the bass-heavy intro to “Stop-Go.” The devilish bassist proceeded to bombard the yard like an arsonist promoted to foreman of a demolition team. After the band teased a few bars of Grateful Dead“Fire on the Mountain”, JB improvised and adapted new lyrics “This…is my favorite moment / playing in the garden with my imaginary friends / laughing, inventing all the games you want / just whisper of your cosmic confidant / he there’s a dog-headed cloud / all smiles and all ears / come here, stay / leave your wand / whisper to your cosmic confidante.

Widespread Panic – “Stop-Go” (with JB rap) – 01/24/22

The second and last cover of the first set returns to the first forms of the blues with another piece by Robert Johnson, “Me and the Devil Blues”. The shadows in the yard danced to JoJo’s truck stop piano and JB’s haunting voice. To end the incredible first set, WSP switched to the instrumental “B of D” and an intoxicating “Tall Boy” before clearing the stage. After a refreshing break that gave the audience a chance to gulp tacos and/or tequila, Widespread Panic came out with a bass-heavy rendition of Franz Kafka. Metamorphosis through “leatherette shoes”.

The beat softened in a classic take of “The Last Straw” before Panic unveiled the biggest surprise of the night. To honor the life of Butch Trucks who tragically passed away five years prior, Panic released Allman Brothers Band’s opus “Mountain Jam” for just the 10th time and the 6th time since 1989. Keeping the treats coming, Grateful Dead’s “Cream Puff War” has followed for the ecstatic enjoyment of the audience. Jimmy Herring, who enjoyed a brief stint at Allman Brothers in the summer of 2000 as well as several engagements with various post-Garcia Dead offshoots, showed off his years of experience and guitar magic.

Panic then served a funky “Good People” sandwich, with JoJo serving a rare “Dark Bar” slab in the middle. Tribute to the fallen rocker of Athens Daniel Hutchins, Widespread continued “Trashy” from Bloodkin’s latest 2021 release, Black Market Tango the 7th performance of the song by WSP since its debut at Red Rocks Amphitheater last year (“We’re the lucky ones / We’re trashy but we’re true!”).

Next, Jimmy Herring piloted the band through the mad dash that is “Saint Ex,” the song’s rise and breakdown in tempo and intensity reflecting its subject matter: a German pilot shooting down his favorite songwriter, Antoine de Saint- Exupéry-de The little Prince notoriety – during World War II. Continuing to soar through the set, “Surprise Valley” gave the percussive duo some Duane Trucks and Sunny Ortiz time to have a duel of drummers. They superimposed the rhythms until reconstructing into an unexpected reprise of Warren Zevon“Lawyers Guns & Money” en route to the second half of “Surprise Valley”. Widespread Panic then paid tribute to his late brother Todd Nance with a timeless take on “Blue Indian” before punctuating the frame with their co-opted version of Glenn Esparza and jerry joseph“Ascend to Safety”.

Before the encore, JB took the microphone to congratulate the audience: “We all still have a little life in us. You all feel great, thank you very much! before diving into Chesnutt’s “Blight.” Schools’ bass and vocals led the six-track through the songwriting, adding flavor to its usual spot with “Why don’t we all get together / and love one another / it might work. “

Widespread Panic – “Scourge” (Vic Chesnutt) – 01/24/22

[Video: MrTopdogger]

To put the metaphorical icing on the cake of this spectacle masterpiece, Panic covered Neil Young for the second consecutive night with a euphoric “Last Dance”. JB improvised lyrically again, wondering, “Tell me why…/I don’t like Mondays/Go down the stairs/I hope my car starts/Pass the bottle/Through the door/It’s the time to go! »

Once again, the late evening entertainment was provided by La Playa Allstars with their stacked range of Eric Krasno, George Porter Jr., Ivan Neville, Jennifer Hartwick, Shali 2na, Terence Higgins, and Cochemea Gastelum. Check out a late night stream below via the beloved Cone Z-Man.

Playa Allstars – 01/24/22 Late-Night – Full Show – Panic En La Playa Diez

That’s it, people. The final show of Panic en la Playa Diez looms on the horizon. Eat this dinner with your tribe and spread your energies of love. Take care of another. Leave everything on the dance floor.

set list [via PanicStream]: Widespread panic | Panic In La Playa Diez | Hotel Hard Rock | Riviera Maya, MX | 01/24/22

Set 3: Porch Song > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Jam > Tie Your Shoes > Jam > Blackout Blues, Stop/Go* > Me and the Devil Blues > B of D, Tall Boy (77 min)

Set 2: Synthetic Leather Shoes, The Last Straw > Mountain Jam, Cream Puff War, Good People > Dark Bar > Good People, Trashy, Saint Ex, Surprise Valley > Battery > Lawyers Guns & Money > Surprise Valley, Blue Indian, Climb To Security (96 min)

Again: Blight, Last Dance (20 mins)

Notes* with ‘Fire On The Mountain’ tease during ‘Stop/Go’

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